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cutting-edge hardware and software products that solve complex national security challenges for America and its allies

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Looking Ahead

Cutting Edge Defense Technology Products

Anduril is building cutting edge software and hardware products to solve complex military challenges for America and our allies. Their suite of products include state of the art drones, a sensory tower, and an intelligence platform incorporating the latest advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence, mesh networking and sensor fusion. Their products have applications for defense both domestically and abroad, and Anduril's customer base includes both commercial and government entities. The biggest threats to our security in the future promises to be asymmetric threats, and Anduril is building the technology needed to defend against them.

Visionary, Outspoken Founder

Palmer Luckey is one of the Founders, and outspoken leader of Anduril. He is a proven founder and visionary, having sold Oculus to Facebook for $2 billion in 2014 at the ripe age of 22. Anduril appears to be the latest crucible through which Luckey will forge his vision for the future. Founded in 2017, the company stems from a patriotism lodged deep within Luckey. He is emboldened by his fear that the United States is falling behind in military and defense innovation. Adversaries like China and Russia and continuing to advance their arsenal of tools and capabilities, and America needs to innovate or be left behind. For many his fearlessness and brashness might be overbearing, but we are optimistic this type of leadership is needed, especially as we enter into an uncertain and seemingly chaotic future. Regardless of your politics, we believe in protecting the ideals of our nation and those of our allies, and Palmer Luckey is all in on that mission.

Silicon Valley, Meet Defense

One of the recurring themes you'll see on the Work 4.0 platform is the need for agility and iteration. We live in an external environment today that is simply changing too quickly to be stagnant. Most, if not all, of the most successfully startups of the past decade have built agile and iterative products and cultures to break through uncertainty and win. Modern day defense companies are facing new realities today. The type of threats they face look a lot different than the ones faced a decade or two ago. Our large, slow moving, bureaucratic systems are now being forced to adapt in order to effectively confront 21st Century threats. Companies like Anduril are the prototypes for next generation defense companies. They build product in a lean and iterative way, and have cultures that move fast and adapt quickly. In other words, they are agile and experimental organizations from top to bottom.

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  • Location

    Irvine, CA
  • People

    50 - 150
  • Vitals

    • $200 Million Series C (July2020) led by Andreessen Horowitz
    • ~350 Employees
    • Founder (Palmer Luckey) sold Oculus VR to Facebook for $2 Billion
    • Make hardware & software products
  • Industries

    • DefenseTech
    • Industry 4.0
  • Technologies

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Drones
    • React
    • C#
  • Core Values

    • Disrupters
    • Diversity
    • Impact