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Looking Ahead

Rising Congesion & Emissions

As cities face increasing urbanization, problems such as congestion and emissions will soar in step. Anyone who has lived in a big city understands the annoyance of trying to manuever through a busy street, around double-parked Amazon or food delivery vehicles. Not to mention the related problem of wasted time spent trying to find parking. Searching for parking, in fact, costs Americans $73 billion a year. Add these together with the fact that cities are responsible for 70% of emissions globally, and we have a recipe for disaster unless things change in a big way.

Automation at the Curb

How a city manages its curb is one of its most powerful tools to improve mobility, safety, and sustainability. At the literal intersection of transportation and land use, curbs are the starting point for transforming and managing our streets. Still, many cities are still using antiquated methods like meters and paint, which simply aren't in line with their 21st Century uses.

Automotus is installing cameras on streetlights and using computer vision technology to help cities monitor movement at the curb. Their curb management technology is one of a suite of options on the market that cities can leverage to reduce pollution and improve quality of life. As new transportation modes, micro-mobility options, and growing demands for commercial deliveries transform how we use our curbs, it's imperative that cities expand and improve how they charge to access the curb.

Dynamic Mobile Terminals

For the first time, cities now have the tools to design and manage policies that reduce congestion, promote more sustainable forms of transportation, and provide safe and efficient ways to move about the city. The way people and goods move around cities is changing. It's a future where we can get things we need quickly, but one where different transportation types are competing for limited space at the curb. It's exciting to think about a future that includes autonomous last-mile delivery robots, micro-mobility solutions (scooters and e-bikes), and on-demand delivery operators (Postmates, Uber Eats, Amazon, etc), but we need automation to ensure these technologies are working for us, not contributing to the larger systemic issues like congestion and pollution.

Civic-minded Team Focused on Long-term Impact

Automotus is a young team focused on having a big impact. They are working on a problem that could change the ways cities operate in the future, helping them run more efficiently, and giving them a tool to promote more sustainable forms of transportation. The team is passionate about solving these problems and are looking for similarly motivated people to join their small but growing team. They believe in flexible work and are aiming to build a cutting edge and modern culture that values flexibility, impact and autonomy.

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  • Location

    Santa Monica, CA
  • People

    1 - 50
  • Vitals

    • <> Awarded first ever Department of Energy (DOE) grant ($3.8M) for curb management
    • <> Selected as technology partner for the nation's first zero emissions delivery zone (ZEDZ)
  • Industries

    • Future of Cities
  • Technologies

    • Go
    • Python
    • C++
    • Computer Vision
  • Core Values

    • Collaborative
    • Rewards Curiosity
    • Flexible Work Arrangements
    • Autonomous Workplace
    • Empathy
    • Practices Inclusion
    • Continuous Learning