The Future of Home Building

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Looking Ahead

The Future of Housing

Cover is on a mission to build the modern home of the future. They are applying modern manufacturing methods combined with advanced technology to bring customized, thoughtfully designed homes to everyone. Their vision is to manufacture homes from start to finish, using technology to automate the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation process. Ultimately, they are enabling consumers to build customized homes in an automated, lego-like fashion.

Transforming an Industry

Over the past few years we have seen a renaissance in manufacturing. Many are considering the current advances in manufacturing combined with modern technologies to be the start of a 4th Industrial Revolution. Look no further than companies like SpaceX or Tesla to see the type of inspiring results we get from using technology to build things in a modern, lean and iterative fashion. Cover envisions a future where homes are built in a production line capacity, similar to the methods we now use to build rockets and autonomous vehicles.

Why this matters? Tech & Urban Living

Conventional home building is slow, expensive, and time consuming. There are a lot of people involved, and many disconnected elements. Transforming an industry (home building) that hasn't changed in over a century requires a fundamentally fresh approach. In the case of Cover they are leveraging software to create 3D models of each custom home, and then layering on the latest in high-precision quality-controlled manufacturing processes more commonly found in the automotive industry. Cover’s patent-pending building system connects like life-size LEGO blocks, allowing for infinitely unique floorplans to suit property and needs.

If we zoom out to look at the larger picture, it seems that Cover's technology and home-building process could also have larger implications for the current housing challenges we are facing in Los Angeles and other densely populated cities. Though their price point initially is aimed higher up market, if they can get to scale, their out-of-the-box homes could be a viable solution for the housing shortage we are experiencing. It doesn't take much imagination can see the potential to reduce housing cost and increase access if homes were made in factories at scale.

Team & Culture

Cover seems to have the team to back up their big vision. To disrupt an industry, you'll need a mix of raw talent and experience from the right industries- Cover has that in droves. To do this, they have brought together a diverse team from architecture, software, automotive, and aerospace backgrounds to build technology that streamlines every step of the home building process. Their diverse team hails from companies like Apple, SpaceX and Tesla.

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  • Location

    Los Angeles, CA
  • People

    1 - 50
  • Vitals

    • Raised $10 million Series A (June '20)
    • 25 employees
  • Industries

    • Future of Cities
    • Industry 4.0
  • Technologies

    • 3D Modeling
    • Python
  • Core Values

    • Diversity
    • Creativity
    • Disrupters
    • Radical Candor