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Looking Ahead

Hi car.. I'm ready for you now

Self-driving vehicles are an increasingly popular topic of conversation, but in the year 2021, the implementation of these technologies feels like a mirage. It's as if the more progress we make in developing the hardware & software, the further we are from ubiquity.

Billions of dollars have been spent on trying to automate the way we drive, but companies are still struggling with the complexities that come along with developing the requisite technologies. In the way are barriers like machine learning systems' ability to react to the unpredictable, high cost of production, safety, and energy efficiency.

Until now...


Faction is blazing the trail for self-driving vehicles by tackling each challenge with an innovative solution.

Faction can launch their driverless vehicles with just a handful of people in a garage, including building, testing, and implementing. Why? Because the infrastructure layer of the self-driving industry has largely been built out. Faction utilizes these "plug and play" platforms to enable their full-stack driverless capabilities, thus speeding up the product development process.

Faction is also able to deploy more quickly because they avoid more traditional and expensive automobile form factors. Instead, the company is building from the ground up, utilizing a smaller three-wheeled motorcycle grade vehicle. This enables them to reduce overall costs and speed up development time, all while introducing a vehicle with dramatically increased energy efficiency.

Hitting the streets

Faction is quicker to the market and the streets, because of their three-step approach, or "master plan", for creating the driverless operating system of the future.

The first step is micro-logistics, utilizing their driverless systems as a courier. Their vehicles support loads less than 400lbs between two defined points. Phase two is moving people around. Faction will use their driverless systems to get vehicles to users, who will then drive the vehicles themselves. Phase three is Faction’s long-term vision; to make available and provide their core technologies so that anyone can go driverless.

Faction’s vision is to bring driverless vehicles to public roads for all to experience. They are accomplishing this by maintaining a tight production timeline, efficient vehicle design, quality hardware and software architecture, an innovative market plan, and an insanely talented team.

No brilliant jerks

Faction is looking to grow their team. If there is one phrase that could best describe them, it would be "No Egos". They work together as a team and are all aligned on their mission to improve the future of mobility. They come from places like Netflix, Apple and Starsky Robotics, and are looking for all levels of engineers to work on this exciting and cutting-edge technology.

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  • Location

    San Francisco, CA
  • People

    1 - 50
  • Vitals

    • Partnered w/ Arcimoto on first ever driverless FUV
    • $4.3 million seed round raised in June '21
    • Y Combinator W21
  • Industries

    • Future of Cities
  • Technologies

    • C++
    • Computer Vision
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Robotics
    • Python
  • Core Values

    • Disrupters
    • Humility
    • First Principles