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The world’s first fully-autonomous indoor farm

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Looking Ahead

Hybrid Robotic Greenhouses

Iron Ox is using robotics and AI to build the first fully automated greenhouse. Their technology is layered on to a process of growing called hydroponics, which is essentially a way of growing plants without soil. Their cutting edge farming technology has led to a system of growing that uses less energy, and 90% less water.

Solving Problems of Food Security

One of the reasons we are so interested in Iron Ox is because of their potential to solve a really big problem. Food Security is both a global and local problem. Although we have enough food to feed the entire global population, hundreds of millions are still going hungry. As the climate changes, and our population grows, we can expect to see more interruptions in our food supply. Companies like Iron Ox are finding innovative ways to bring fresh, healthy food to dense urban areas, and if they succeed, their strategy can scale to urban cities across the country, and potentially the world.

A couple other hot button issues they could help improve are food waste and labor scarcity, both large issues looming over the Ag and food sector today.

To summarize, Iron Ox is using cutting edge technology to make the process of growing fresh quality produce hyper efficient. Imagine a future where an run-down urban warehouse can be converted into a food producing machine, with decreasing costs, and crops that aren't subject to weather disruptions or seasonal conditions. This type of operation would make it cheaper and easier for folks in dense urban areas to access healthy food.

This is a mission we can get behind, and we are excited for the future that Iron Ox is attempting to build. It is still early days for them, so make sure to follow their progress, and jump on board if they have a role that might be a fit.


  • Location

    San Carlos, CA
  • People

    50 - 150
  • Vitals

    • ~40 employees
    • Raised $20 million Series B (Sep 2020)
  • Industries

    • Future of Cities
    • Environmental
    • Industry 4.0
  • Technologies

    • Hydroponics
    • Robotics
    • C++
    • Python
  • Core Values

    • Creativity
    • Disrupters
    • Impact