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Going fast is not a solved problem.

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Looking Ahead


Going fast is not a solved problem.

Our approach is to install a piece of fixed infrastructure that is capable of launching vehicles to high hypersonic speeds. A kick stage provides the initial impulse and many side thrusters activate as the vehicle progresses down the accelerator.

By bringing the vehicle to orbital velocities on the ground, we hope to bring the cost of launch to as low as $10/kg.

The System

Our system is made up of the kickstage and side injectors, which work to push the vehicle to hypersonic speeds. The kickstage provides the impulse to send the vehicle supersonic while the side injectors squeeze the vehicle with air as it travels down the barrel. Over distance, the injectors accelerate the vehicle to hypersonic speeds.


Longshot is a hypersonic launch startup based in Oakland, California. Our team comprises industry experts from aerospace, defense and Silicon Valley. Our approach is poised to make access to space dramatically less expensive. Our mission is to expand human activity in space by orders of magnitude.

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  • Location

    Oakland, CA
  • People

    1 - 50
  • Vitals

    • Reached Mach 2.2
  • Industries

    • Aerospace
    • DefenseTech
  • Technologies

    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Kinetic Launch
  • Core Values

    • Close-Knit Team
    • Feedback Culture
    • Continuous Innovation
    • Radical Candor