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Looking Ahead

AI Micromobility

Today, Rollo's delivery fleet is made up of a single vehicle design that is optimized for in-person (human-ridden) usage, and is also capable of low-speed remote operation and fully-autonomous motion. Rollo is now adapting the core of their vehicle to create a configuration optimized for autonomous motion, which will increase its operational speed, safety, and range

Solving the last-mile problem

Traditional car-based delivery providers are fundamentally limited by labor costs, and increasingly face regulatory headwinds as the nascent 'gig-economy' grows around the world. Others who use fully-robotic solutions face a wide range of technical challenges including range at low-speeds, maneuverability, and navigating complex situations beyond the capabilities of today's technology (e.g. entering a door code, or opening a gate).

Rollo's unique hybrid fleet allocates staff as needed in an efficient manner while enjoying the benefits of lower-cost autonomy on deliveries that don't require a person at the endpoint. As a result, the overall operational costs are lower than others in the local delivery space, which allows Rollo to provide greater value to restaurant partners and customers alike.

Elevating the urban landscape

Rollo's vehicle will be a solution for restaurants in the short-term, and could be a larger solution for cities in the longterm by introducing a more flexible form of infrastructure. Autonomy at scale is a game changer for cities by enabling people and goods to move around more freely. There are real advantages over existing micro-mobility solutions since these vehicles can be repositioned autonomously or via remote operator. This makes it possible to position them in optimal locations, ensuring they will be used, and reducing the potential for waste and clutter in our public spaces. Rollo vehicles are also electric and operate in the bike lane, making it a size appropriate and environmentally friendly vehicle optimized for the task of delivering food and other similarly sized goods.

A culture set on impact

The Rollo team has a big vision for the future and is focused on impact. Originally founded as an IdeaLab company, today's team members now hail from places like Stanford, Caltech and Berkley. They are united in their mission to lead the new generation of delivery tech, empowering local restaurants, and ultimately elevating the urban landscape.

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  • Location

    Pasadena, CA
  • People

    1 - 50
  • Vitals

    • An Idealab company co-founded by Bill Gross and Ryan McLean, Ph.D
    • Key investors include Idealab Studio, Idealab X, Neotribe, and Ubiquity Ventures
    • Vehicles have delivered over 5,000 orders since launching
  • Industries

    • Future of Cities
  • Technologies

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Computer Vision
  • Core Values

    • Impact
    • Innovation
    • First Principles