Talyn Air

Talyn Air
Creating a new paradigm in eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) flight

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Looking Ahead

Talyn is looking to expand the team in pursuit of a vision to reshape aerial transportation. We are developing long-range electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for passengers and cargo. While there are many other companies in this space, they have a maximum achievable battery electric range of sub 100 miles. Talyn can achieve at least 3X the range at over 300 miles, using the same battery tech, and can fly at meaningfully fast cruise speeds. We achieve this by using our staged aircraft architecture which includes a very efficient electric fixed wing aircraft that can be released and caught mid-air with our separable VTOL vehicle. An animation of the system can be seen at www.talyn.com.

SpaceX in the DNA

Talyn is doing something incredibly novel and hard. The founders met at SpaceX while working on the Falcon 9 Rocket, and have carried on the ethos of making the impossible.. possible. While many in the eVTOL space are designing vehicles to cover distances of about 50-60 miles, Talyn has set their sights on much longer trips. This is possible because of staging. Similar in philosophy to the Falcon 9, the VTOL vehicle separates from the long range cruise aircraft after take-off, just as the first stage rocket separates and returns to earth after launch. The VTOL vehicle, performing a vertical function similar to a helicopter, operates as a ferry of sorts, carrying the cruise vehicle upward from a take-off pad. The two vehicles separate, with the VTOL returning to the pad, and the electric aircraft detaching and transitioning to forward flight.

Culture of Rapid Prototyping

Talyn is currently flying subscale prototypes and looks forward to tackling the hard challenge of making mid-air separation and docking of aircraft a reliable reality by building a team of dedicated experts to help enable its success across multiple market segments. Their iterative design process is remnant of their learnings at SpaceX, and ensures that the team's work is quickly demonstrated in the real world. With this "iterative design" methodology the team builds prototypes, tests them, and flies them as quickly as possible.

Ownership, Autonomy & Impact

Talyn is looking for people who get excited about working on big problems. They are on a mission to provide a faster and greener way for people and things to move between cities, and with this comes an opportunity to radically transform the way we do aviation. With such a big vision in mind, they are looking for people that are equally passionate about solving this problem. Talyn's culture is one of ownership, autonomy and impact. It's an exciting opportunity to be part of a 21st Century Aerospace company at the early stages. It also comes with the freedom to contribute, have real and immediate impact, and build things that quickly get tested in the real world.

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  • Location

    Los Angeles, CA
  • People

    1 - 50
  • Vitals

    • Founders worked at SpaceX on the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon
    • Y Combinator Startup (W20)
    • 100% battery electric flight with vertical take-off and landing
  • Industries

    • Urban Air Mobility
  • Technologies

    • CAD
    • C++
    • Python
    • MATLAB
  • Core Values

    • Continuous Innovation
    • Autonomous Workplace
    • Disrupters
    • First Principles
    • Ownership Culture
    • Rewards Curiosity
    • Impact