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Looking Ahead

Innovation Driven Growth

At Tamarisk we are innovators. We believe that innovation is the most important driver for creating products that provide meaningful value to the world. We believe that rate of innovation is one of the most important drivers for determining a company’s success. By focusing on fostering innovation, Tamarisk is able to help companies spur growth, deepen connections, and stay relevant.

We serve clients that are inventors with no prior experience to companies with that have been in business 30+ years and are looking to develop new products. Tamarisk engineers are experts in Mechanical, Electronics, and Firmware engineering and form a complete team to tackle any technical problems with a new idea. Our bread and butter is taking a new idea from the ideation stage all the way through the product development process to mass manufacturing.

Our Story

Growing up, Emerick always had a passion for making things - which has manifested itself in Tamarisk. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Emerick followed his passion for Mechanical Engineering to SpaceX as a structures engineer. Realizing that his excitement in creating something new, Emerick founded his own company - NVDrones. He successfully raised over $500,000 from notable investors such as Jimmy Buffett. With working capital, Emerick spearheaded a prototype build. It all came together - passion for bringing ideas to life and building prototypes in new and exciting industries. Not everyone has the technical capability or machinery to build a working prototype - but a lot of people have great ideas. Emerick realized he could take his own passion for hardware product development and bring other people's ideas to life. Tamarisk was born.

We found our niche working in the robotics, consumer electronics, and medical devices. Tamarisk partners have found incredible success in the sustainable energy sector, where we have developed autonomous solar panel cleaning equipment. After building prototypes with Tamarisk, individual inventors have raised over $10 Million for their consumer electronics start-ups. We have designed medical products that allow patience to receive remote treatment across the US. We truly believe that our clients success is our success.

Tamarisk's mission is to bring our clients expertise in Mechanical, Electronics, and Firmware Engineering, experience in building a hardware start-up, passion for innovation, and transparency with our clients. As we've grown over the last 8 years, we hold expertise, experience, passion, transparency to the highest standard. Whether it be bringing an idea from just that to mass manufacturing or bolting onto a funded company as an engineering department, our teams focus on providing efficiency and value to our clients.

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  • Location

    Pasadena, CA
  • People

    1 - 50
  • Industries

    • Robotics
    • Industry 4.0
  • Technologies

    • CAD
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Robotics
    • Additive Manufacturing
  • Core Values

    • Close-Knit Team
    • Continuous Innovation
    • First Principles
    • Creativity