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Looking Ahead

Who Are They

Wave is a glimpse into the future of entertainment. They are a virtual entertainment company that uses cutting edge publishing and gaming technology to produce immersive virtual concerts. They are emerging as a leading company in the virtual entertainment space, and playing a critical role in the emergence of the "metaverse".

Mixed Reality

Though Wave has produced VR shows, they are not specifically focused on AR or VR technology. It is truly a mixed reality company, and they have broader ambitions than any single technology. What is most important for Wave is that they are creating the most authentic, expansive, social and immersive experience the live music industry has ever seen. This is why Wave is an incredibly important company.

Immersive, Social and Authentic

In order to create these live, immersive, and social events, Wave is taking critical elements from gaming to create a simulated world complete with digital avatars that are truly representative of the artist in the show. By utilizing game engines like Unity, Wave is able to bring the creativty and technology from the gaming world into the live music space, enabling artists to represent themselves in a way that was never possible before. Artists can build an entire virtual experiences in their likeness, and bring their fans together in a way only possible through a digital medium. By using modern broadcast technology they are able to livestream events to thousands or millions of people concurrently, enablign artists to touch far more people than was ever possible in a physical space.

Real Impact

Not only are Waves a cool new way for artists and their fans to connect and engage in a virtual space, but they are also leading to real impact. Through Waves artists can see live messages from their fans, they can also raise money, and eventually sell virtual goods or merchandise through their virtual shows. This past August The Weekend put on a virtual concert through TikTok using Waves technology and raised $350K for the Equal Justic Initiative.


Wave is on a big mission, and seems to care deeply about the people inside and outside their organization. They want to empower artists and enable them to expand their creativity and engage fans in new and exciting ways. They also are building a culture of creativty, trust and authenticity. The company is growing fast and will attract top talent because of their mission and the space they are disrupting. We highly suggest any people in the gaming entertainment or XR space look into this company.

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  • Location

    Los Angeles, CA
  • People

    50 - 150
  • Vitals

    • Raised $42.5 MM
    • 70+ employees
    • Flexible/Remote workplace
    • HQ in Los Angeles, CA
    • $30 million Series B ('20) lead by Maveron
  • Industries

    • The Metaverse
  • Technologies

    • Unity
    • Python
    • C#
    • C++
  • Core Values

    • Creativity
    • Disrupters