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Looking Ahead

Why does leaning matter?

The first benefit of leaning is stability. Comparing to a bicycle for a moment, when you go around a turn, you have to lean into it. If you tried to stay upright while attempting to turn, you would be thrown off the bike due to centrifugal force. Leaning when you turn is natural, and riding Xoto is just as natural.

The second benefit is safety. Our patented leaning system is designed such that it is slim and compact when driving in a straight line but when you lean into a turn the rear wheels spread further apart resulting in a more stable vehicle right when you need it. How amazing is that?

The third reason is leaning is fun! Because the rear wheels turn when you lean, it gives you the feeling of surfing on land as you ride! Words don’t do justice to the sensation, but you will know what we are talking about when you feel it. It is intuitive and feels amazing! We invite you to book a test ride as soon as you can.

Three Wheels Are Better (and safer) than Two

Two wheeled motorcycles and bicycles work great, until they don’t. If you hit that patch of gravel, or the wrong pothole, or the wet spot on the road, things can go bad very quickly.

With three wheels on the ground you can lose traction on all wheels and the vehicle will still stay upright.

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    Los Angeles, CA
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    • First three wheel vehicle that can lean
    • Accepting pre-orders now
    • Delivery set for February 2022
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    • Future of Transportation
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    • 3D Modeling
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    • First Principles
    • Humility
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