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longshot - garage

WATCH: A Hypersonic Shift – Exploring Cheaper, Safer Space Travel with LongShot Space

The Garage by Credo is a podcast about invention and innovation, exploring the minds of innovators throughout history and shining a light on the products that are transforming the world today.

Ray Rangel / 1 day ago

hotfire test

Plasmos Hot Fire Testing - Successful 2nd Test

Watch as Plasmos completes a successful hot fire test of its engine on their second attempt

Ray Rangel / 9 months ago


Creator Spotlight | Xoto - The FIRST three wheel drive leaning electric moto

Our "Creator" video series puts the spotlight on 21st Century builders, tinkerers & inventors. These are people working on novel products, services & technologies with the aim to positively impact society. Get to know Xoto, the first electric 3 wheel drive leaning moto.

Ray Rangel / over 1 year ago


Future of Cities: Automation at the Curbside | Automotus Spotlight

Check out how "Future of Cities" startup, Automotus, will transform how cities move with their computer vision technology at the curb.

Ray Rangel / almost 2 years ago


Future of Cities: Robot Delivery | Kiwibot

For this installment of the "Future of Cities" series, we explore Kiwibot's robot delivery technology. Are people ready to share the streets and public spaces with robots? We'll find out soon enough! Kiwibot is growing. Learn more here:

Ray Rangel / almost 2 years ago

Rollo Hero

Future of Cities: Episode 1 | Rollo

For the first installment of our future of cities series, we take a look at how Rollo's hyperlocal autonomous delivery vehicle is leading restaurants and cities into the 21st Century.

Ray Rangel / almost 2 years ago

Future of Cities

"Future of Cities" Video Series

Why we decided to create a videos series that puts the spotlight on startups that are creating the "Future of Cities"...

Ray Rangel / almost 2 years ago