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Four Big Shifts in Work

We see four big shifts happening that will drive the future of work; decentralization, continuous learning, personal experiences, and increased pace of change.

Ray Rangel / 3 months ago


Choosing Purposeful Employment

With a little courage and lot of experimentation, it is possible to find purposeful employment that is also deeply engaging. Work and pleasure does not need to be separate; it can sit at the intersection of our interests and passions.

Ray Rangel / 4 months ago

org culture

The Top 5 Organizational Values for the Modern Workplace

Everywhere we look today it seems there are challenges with employee engagement, resulting in larger cultural issues like the "Great Resignation". We made a list of the top organizational values to jumpstart the conversation about how we can make things better.

Ray Rangel / 4 months ago

Credo 2022

Credo's 2022 Top 20 Visionary Startups

From Urban Aquaculture to Urban Air Mobility, here are Credo's Top Visionary Startups for 2022!

Ray Rangel / 5 months ago

The Great Res

Anomie & The Great Resignation

Just as things started to reopen, a new type of challenge faces companies of all shapes and sizes. Where have all the workers gone?

Ray Rangel / 10 months ago

B Space

The Role of Innovation in the "Billionaire Space Race"

Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos recently made "history" by launching into space. Surprisingly public opinion about these events have been mixed. It got me thinking about the significance of this moment for us now, and in the future..

Ray Rangel / 10 months ago


Impactful Companies

The most successful companies in the future will have a higher purpose.

Ray Rangel / 11 months ago

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift in Work

I've always sought out purpose in my work. I've realized I'm not special, and there's actually a larger cultural shift that is changing our perspective on work.

Ray Rangel / 12 months ago


Why Organizational Trust is Critical

Trust is most important element for any successful organization

Ray Rangel / about 1 year ago