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Credo's 2022 Top 20 Visionary Startups

From Urban Aquaculture to Urban Air Mobility, here are Credo's Top Visionary Startups for 2022!
January 05, 2022 · 7 min read


We saw a few posts going around boasting the best places to work in 2022. Definitely some solid companies, but we couldn't tell what rating systems or methodology was used to define "best" in class.

In light of these arbitrary lists, we thought it would be helpful to create one of our own, putting the spotlight on startups solving some of society's hardest problems. These companies are not only building industry-defining technologies, but also introducing products and services that push the world forward.

From Urban Aquaculture to Urban Air Mobility, here are Credo's 2022 Top 20 visionary startups...

TransparentSea Farm - Urban Aquaculture

The heart of TransparentSea Farm is a scientific, responsible, and efficient urban shrimp and seaweed production system, whose reliability and transparency will enable us to break the mold for how seafood is produced and sold in Southern California.

Epirus - Defense


Epirus is a venture-backed startup that builds defense systems capable of taking down enemy drones. Their directed energy systems counter swarming drones and execute precision strikes at range. Their SmartPower technology pushes the boundaries of power management.

Talyn - Urban Air Mobility

Talyn Air is an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft system. It separates and recombines in the air and allows each vehicle to operate at peak efficiency without wasting energy. Founded by a pair of ex-SpaceX Falcon 9 engineers, one of whom also worked on prototype airplanes for Scaled Composites, Talyn proposes a radically new approach to the eVTOL problem: a simple, high-speed, long-range electric plane that gains eVTOL capabilities thanks to a detachable vertical lift platform.

Solugen - SynBio


Solugen is a venture-backed biotech startup that produces high-performance chemicals from plant-derived substitutes. Solugen uses corn syrup to make chemicals with no emissions—and without the dangerous conditions and other pollutants that usually accompany chemical manufacturing.

Faction - Driverless Technology

Faction Technology is creating three-wheel electric vehicles sized for short self-driving 3-5 mile trips. Its combination of digital vehicles with driverless AI, backed by teleoperation can deliver micro-logistics and rides-on-demand.

REGENT - Urban Air Mobility


REGENT is building the seaglider: the first electric flying machine that will transport commercial passengers. By staying within a wingspan of the water, they unlock the ability to fly twice as far as an electric aircraft, and certification by maritime authorities which will let them fly first passengers by 2025.

Automotus - Smart Cities

Automotus' curb management technology helps cities, airports, fleets, and businesses increase revenue while making streets less congested, more sustainable, and more equitable.

skyTran - Urban Mobility


skyTran is a patented, high-speed, low-cost, elevated Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system. The skyTran network of computer-controlled, 2-person “jet-like” vehicles employs state-of-the-art passive Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) technology. The system transports passengers in a fast, safe, green, and economical manner. skyTran intends to revolutionize public transportation and, with it, urban and suburban commuting.

Orbit Fab - NewSpace Economy


By providing a ubiquitous supply of satellite propellant in Earth Orbit (branded Gas Stations in Space™), the company improves existing space business models (communications and Earth observation) and helps open new industries like space tourism, manufacturing and mining.

Cover Technologies - Prefab Homes

Cover is a technology company that designs, manufactures, and installs custom Backyard Studios. Cover’s mission is to make living in a thoughtfully designed and well-built home a reality for everyone.

Varda Space Industries - NewSpace Economy


Varda Space Industries is building the world’s first commercial zero-gravity industrial park at scale. They aim to open up manufacturing processes that aren’t possible on Earth, in order to make bioprinted organs, fiber-optic cables or pharmaceuticals — products that require fundamentally different conditions than what’s available on-planet. Right now, the company is building a three-module spacecraft comprised of an off-the-shelf satellite platform, a center platform where the microgravity manufacturing will take place, and a reentry vehicle to bring the materials back to Earth.

First Resonance - Manufacturing


First Resonance makes software for making hardware. The company’s Ion platform provides an all-in-one option for anyone who has to manage manufacturing lines, supply chains, engineering and design, among other things. Founded by a team of former SpaceX engineers, First Resonance was created because they felt the processes they’d helped create at the launch provider would be helpful to people making everything from drones to toys to… other rockets.

Iron Ox - Autonomous Farming


Iron Ox is a robotics company that has successfully created an autonomous farm in San Carlos, CA. It is an indoor hydroponic farm that is completely operated by robots. Iron Ox uses robotics and artificial intelligence to ensure each individual plant receives the optimal levels of sunshine, water, and nutrients. Their approach lets them grow exactly what’s needed, greatly reducing systemic food waste.

Spin Launch - NewSpace Economy


SpinLaunch was founded in 2014 to reimagine space launch technology and enable the rapid and cost-effective deployment of small satellite constellations into Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Using its revolutionary kinetic launch system, the company conducted a successful vertical launch at its Spaceport New Mexico Test Site in October 2021.

Kiwibot - Delivery Robots

Kiwibot provides the largest robot delivery infrastructure in the world by connecting businesses that want to utilize our robots for last-mile delivery.

Outrider - Supply Chain Automation

Outrider transforms electric yard trucks into autonomous vehicles that couple tractor to trailer using its patented TrailerConnect™ robotic arm and precisely maneuver between dock doors, parking spots, and areas for over-the-road pickup.

Heliogen - Renewable Energy


Heliogen is a renewable energy technology company focused on eliminating the need for fossil fuels in heavy industry and powering a sustainable future. The company’s AI-enabled, modular concentrated solar technology aims to cost-effectively deliver near 24/7 carbon-free energy in the form of heat, power, or green hydrogen fuel at scale – for the first time in history.

Elroy Air - Autonomous Aerial Robotics


Elroy Air's mission is to improve quality of life around the planet by expanding the reach of expedited logistics via air cargo - safely, efficiently and autonomously. Their air cargo system features rotor-based vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and transitions to wing-based cruise flight for long range. They have designed a holistic logistics system with integrated flight and ground operations that make the vehicles a safe, efficient way to transport cargo by air.

Pano - Fire Prevention


Pano offers a next-gen hardware & software solution for wildfire detection, confirmation, and alert dissemination. Combining disparate data feeds including proprietary mountaintop cameras and geostationary satellites, the Pano platform includes deep learning AI to provide actionable insights. The Pano solution is designed to serve first responders, such as local fire chiefs and state and federal fire authorities, Utilities, as well as the public.

Stratolaunch - Defense // Hypersonic Testing


Stratolaunch designs, manufactures, and launches aerospace vehicles and technologies to fulfill several important national needs, including the need for reliable, routine access to space and the need to significantly advance the nation’s ability to design and operate hypersonic vehicles.