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Tour of TransparentSea Farm & Why it's important

We took a tour of TransparentSea Farm in Downey, CA. We learned a lot about the substandard state of our seafood today, and were left inspired by Steve Sutton's model for a more sustainable and healthy future.
January 23, 2022 · 2 min read

A better way to do business

In our recent video we were treated to a tour of the first fully operational urban shrimp farm in Los Angeles County. It was our third video with Steve and TransparentSea, but the first time we've documented his fully operational farm. A lot has changed since the first time I met Steve in Long Beach, CA almost 2 years ago. Back then Steve was just a guy with a vision and a lot of warehouse space. Fast forward a couple years and a global pandemic, and there is a fully functioning shrimp farm generating a lot of buzz in the LA region.

We hope you take the time to watch the above video, which follows Steve's journey to bring a more sustainable and better tasting food option to one of the nation's most densely populated regions. We learned a lot about the sad state of our food production today, and it was eye-opening to see just how disconnected we've become from our sources of food production. Steve has spent the last decade of his life working in aquaculture, even working in Thailand to build out a shrimp farm. He's experienced firsthand the problems plaguing the industry, and is driven to bring us a more sustainable and healthy option.

In the video we also learn about the industry surrounding the most commonly consumed seafood product in the U.S., shrimp. Some of the stats are jarring, like the fact that we import over 94%, and of the 2.2 billion pounds (and growing!) of shrimp imported, less than 1% of it is inspected by the FDA. Not to mention the questionable practices by overseas producers that damage local habitats while pumping shrimp with potentially harmful compounds.

I think the core purpose of this video is to both raise awareness of the harmful effects of the industry, and to put the spotlight on business done the right way. Today stories are rare where business does well to do good. All too often it's about growth at all costs. Here at Credo, we believe there should be a triple bottom line for businesses, and we celebrate those that have truly sustainable practices at their core. We hope you follow Steve and the TransparentSea Farm journey. These are the stories worth supporting and sharing.

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