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WATCH: The musician turned Mars pioneer

Jason is the most interesting guy you've never heard of. Watch his spotlight video to learn about how he made the shift from musician to space pioneer. It's a story about hard work, following your heart, and the power of symbols.

Ray Rangel / 7 months ago

Space Tugs
Company Spotlight

Reusable Space Tugs

Plasmos is building reusable space tugs to address the last-mile problem in space. We get to know their founder, Ali, and explore the significance of their solution in the context of the emerging space economy.

Ray Rangel / 10 months ago

Company Spotlight

21st Century Invention Factory

Tamarisk Labs is a prototyping factory that leverages 21st Century technologies to bring innovative hardware concepts to life.

Ray Rangel / 11 months ago

Company Spotlight

Tour of TransparentSea Farm & Why it's important

We took a tour of TransparentSea Farm in Downey, CA. We learned a lot about the substandard state of our seafood today, and were left inspired by Steve Sutton's model for a more sustainable and healthy future.

Ray Rangel / over 1 year ago

Company Spotlight

Future of Cities Spotlight: Faction // Scalable vehicle fleets.. Driverless

WATCH: Video spotlight showcasing Faction's driverless technology.

Ray Rangel / over 1 year ago

Company Spotlight

In an era of climate change, it's imperative we get to know Earth

Space is making headlines, but why look to the stars when we have so many problems here on Earth? Well, space is the best vantage point to observe our planet. Only by getting to know Earth on a deeper level, can we begin to affect lasting change.

Ray Rangel / over 1 year ago

Company Spotlight

Future of Cities Spotlight <> Urban Air Mobility | Talyn Air

Talyn Air is creating a new paradigm in eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) flight. The founders come from SpaceX, where they met while working on the Falcon 9 Rocket.

Ray Rangel / almost 2 years ago