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In an era of climate change, it's imperative we get to know Earth

Space is making headlines, but why look to the stars when we have so many problems here on Earth? Well, space is the best vantage point to observe our planet. Only by getting to know Earth on a deeper level, can we begin to affect lasting change.
October 04, 2021 · 2 min read

Space 2.0

Space is hot right now. Over the past few months we've seen commercial space operations make major strides. From the "Billionaire Space Race" to SpaceX's launching of the world's first all-civilian crew into orbit, there has been no shortage of headlines.

It's certainly exciting to see the next frontier emerge as a playground for the privileged few. Yes, today space is for the few, but tomorrow, perhaps it will be for the many.

Given the looming problems here on Earth, many question the validity of going to space. Well, as the modern management guru Peter Drucker once said, "You can't manage what you can't measure." It turns out that the best place to measure and understand Earth is from the vantage point of space.

That is why we are excited about Muon and their vision to develop the world’s most capable Earth-sensing satellite platform to power data-driven decisions in the Era of Climate Change.

Coupling Space & Climate-change

Today Earth's climate systems are dynamic, coupled and undergoing rapid change. In order to effectively manage change, we need to have better tools for measurement and monitoring.

Space, it turns out, is the best place to observe and measure Earth's essential climate variables (ECV) and with increased access comes an exciting opportunity to track Earth's vital signs more precisely than ever before.

Specifically, satellite constellations. They offer a much closer and more frequent look into the cycles that drive our weather and climate system.

Solutions for a changing planet

Muon is working at the forefront of satellites, advanced sensors, and climate science to allow humanity to close the loop on climate change.

From mission formulation to modeling and data analytics, they are building 21st Century tools to measure, understand and predict Earth’s complex and coupled systems. This is both a great business opportunity, and the key to leaving future generations a livable, productive and healthy planet.

Their team is experienced, mission-aligned, and genuinley want to make Earth a better place to live.

Muon is hiring!

Muon is hiring for several positions. It's a great time to get in early and have an impact on a spacecraft that will be orbiting Earth. If you care about bleeding edge tech, and making Earth a better place to live, this could be the company for you. See links below for more information:

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